Drywall Tips To Improve Your Job

By | April 26, 2016

Drywall tips to help you achieve a better job. Do you ever wonder how the Drywall Tipsprofessional drywall men do such a fantastic job? They have experience. They also know all the little tricks that produce better results. When you gain experience and learn the way to do the job your results will greatly improve.

Hanging Drywall Tips

  •  When hanging drywall you want to keep the seams as tight as possible. This will make the tape and finish coats go on better and easier.
  •  Keep the sheets lined up longways so no gaps develop as you go down the wall or ceiling’
  •  Avoid nail pops but using screws and glue on the studs.
  • Take your time cutting out around the electrical boxes and anything other cuts you have to make. This will produce a better job and save you time and work if you do not have to finish it.
  • Double screw the center in two equally spaced areas on the stud.

Finishing Drywall Tips

  • Make sure all your seams are tight and level without paper or anything sticking out of them.
  • Get a knife that is flexible so you can bend it to feather the edges. As you use your knife if will gain more flexibility. I prefer a Hyde 6 inch knife.
  •  Wipe all the Spackle off . Do not leave any bumps or rough surfaces that will need to be sanded.
  •  Use the Tape type that you are comfortable with. I prefer paper tape for all my taping needs.

Drywall Tips For Tools

  • Get quality knives and take care of them. You do not want to put them in the back of a truck and throw stuff on them. The littlest bend or nick can ruin a knife and cause you more work and sanding. I carry mine in an old suitcase that keeps anything from hitting the blade.
  • Keep your tools clean. Clean them as you work so there is no build up.
  • Get proper horses and stilts to stand on. Being comfortable and in arms length to your work will allow you to achieve better results.
  • Get a good mixer and a drill strong enough to turn it. Thinning your mud is an important part of finishing.
  • Get a large glue gun for the large size glue tubes. Using the smaller chalk size tubs will cost you time and money.
  • If you are working everyday, upgrade to the expensive taping and finishing tools.

Learning these Drywall tips and practicing them will improve the work you do. It will create less sanding in the end. This is another way to save tine and money.

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