Hanging SheetRock By Yourself – The Jack

By | March 1, 2016

When you are faced with hanging sheetrock by yourself you have to make a decision. Do you cut it into small pieces you can handle or get a sheet rock jack. The small pieces will cause more taping and finishing.

On small one and two rooms jobs I have cut them to 4′ pieces and dealt with the extra taping. Larger jobs require a different approach.


The dead man is a T shaped tool made from wood. The upright is the height of the ceiling with the top T about three feet wide. It is used to raise one end of the sheet and hold it against the ceiling. This is an old fashion way of hanging ceilings that is rarely used anymore.

Every time I tried this I would drop and break the sheet. It gave me a new respect for the old timers. It was a balancing act with a 100 lb. sheet.

     Drywall lift

Hanging sheetrock

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The drywall lift is the modern way to hang sheet rock. It can be used to hang the ceiling and the top sheet on the wall. You can lift pieces from 4′ to 12′ with a 150 lb. weight limit. They can lift as high as 11′ to 19′ depending on the jack you purchase.

If you are injured or just getting older this is a tool that will keep you working. If you are healthy you can use it to work by yourself. A two man crew can work well using this jack and become more productive.

When I was younger me and another man would hang 80 to 100 sheets a day by hand. In my late 40’s I am paying for my mistakes. I wish I used a jack like this back then.

     Hanging Sheetrock

Using the correct tools when hanging sheetrock makes the job easier. using a tools that does the hard lifting means you will be able to work longer.

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