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By | March 1, 2016

There are tools that will tape and mud drywall at the same time. These tooltape and mud drywall images are geared towards the contractor that does this work and needs to make the most of their time.

If you have work lined up and need to move to the next job fast these tools may be your answer. I know from experience they reduce man hours by half or more.


tape and mud drywall

View Banjo Taper

You have the banjo, this is a good tool for taping the flat and angle seams. You
pull the tape and mud out by hand which can get a little messy. Slap it to the wall.

You have to wipe the tape smooth. Contractors will have another person wiping. It still saves you plenty of time on the tape coat.

You put a roll of paper tape in the rear of the device and feed it through. Fill it with mud and close the lid. It is that simple. This can be used for angle taping because you are pulling the tape by hand.

     Time is money in drywall as with any other trade. To get the job finished faster and move on to the next one is how your business will earn and grow.


tape and mud drywall

View Bazooka Taper

The Bazooka, also known as the automatic drywall taper is the cream of the crop. You
can tape all the flat joints from the floor. one of the cleanest drywall tools I ever used. You are unable to tape angles with this tool.

A roll of tape is loaded onto it, you then pump the mud into it and roll away. With an action like pumping a shotgun you cut the tape to length. Another person follows and wipes the tape smooth.

This is a clean and time saving tool that drywall tapers should have. It will make you money and save you work.

     Tape And Mud Drywall

When you finish drywall it is about the quality of the job and the time it takes to complete. The tape and mud coat is important to get right, it can cause blisters if not. This is the foundation of the finish and taping prevents cracking from settlement.

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